BEology Mindfulness & Meditation Training


Meditation and Mindfulness Training

Our New BEology 100HR Mindfulness & Meditation training is a synthesis of self-awareness, self-compassion and self-reflection practices infusing meditation, psychology, neuroscience and physiology. We will incorporate various philosophies, traditions and tools from mindfulness traditions, psychology, and somatics, which allow us to be  more AWAKE in our everyday lives.

Throughout this training we will explore various mindfulness practices, such as: yoga, meditation, body scans, mindful breathing, mindful eating, and mindful listening. In addition we will engage with self-reflection tools which allow us to better explore our inner-experiences with compassionate curiosity, while being proactive in managing stress and behaviour. The tools offered throughout this training have been shown to increase resilience, allowing us to breakthrough versus breakdown, shifting from survive to thrive.

In addition to learning to navigate and relate to our own inner experiences, we will learn how to effectively and safely guide meditation or mindfulness practices to various populations. We will discuss limitations, contraindications and modifications for specific practices as they relate to  various mental health issues and individual safety.

This program is suitable for yoga teachers, beginners, counsellors, social workers, teachers, support staff or anybody interested in using mindfulness practice as a way to reduce stress, make more contact, and excavate the heart. Our vision is to offer practical, relevant, safe and effective tools for the modern day. Everybody is welcome.


BEology 50HR Meditation and Mindfulness Training

  • BEology: Life Practice 10-week course (25HRS). This is a personal development course applying the various mindfulness and self-reflection exercises personally. Each 2HR session will include discussion, psycho-education, mindfulness practices and assignments.
  • BEology:  Guiding Meditation and Mindfulness Module (25HRS) This weekend module will focus on guiding various individuals through meditation and mindfulness practices. (Online version Fall 2019)

BEology 100HR  Meditation and Mindfulness certificate:

  • BEology: Life Practice 10-week course (25HRS). The first 10-week course focusses on a progressive understanding of the various components, traditions and definitions of mindfulness practice from both a psychological and eastern contemplative perspective. Students will journal and discuss their weekly experiences and reflections on the various lectures and practices in order to gain insight into individuality and goals with practice. Each 90min- 2HR session will include discussion, psycho-education, mindfulness practices and assignments.
  • BEology Weekend Retreat (25HRS). The BEology weekend retreat is offered two times per year and is designed to be an intensive immersion into mindfulness. This is basically taking mindfulness off the meditation cushion and into your life through self-care,stress management and self-compassion. Over the course of the weekend there will be immersions into meditation, mindful eating, mindful communication, walking meditation and various lectures on mindfulness in everyday life.Food and accommodations are included.
  • BEology:  Guiding Meditation and Mindfulness Module (25HRS) This weekend module will focus on guiding various groups, individuals and ages through meditation and mindfulness practices.Students will gain practical experience creating and leading the practices from the first module.
  •  Mind-Body Energy Module (25HRS). This module is also part of our 500HR Advanced Yoga Teacher Training and 800HR Integrated Yoga and Wellness program and will focus on the overlap of moderns psychology, neuroscience, eastern energetics (pranayama) and wellness. This module offers insight into psychology, neuroscience and eastern systems. We will dissect various mindfulness practices including chanting, mudras, postures etc. from a neuroscience perspective. In addition, through lectures and research we will explore and gain a deeper understanding about how or why these practices are effective, what they can and can’t do and where they may be contraindicated.


Upcoming Courses

BEology Mindfulness Based Wellness 10-week Course Online: Life Practice

This 10-week online meditation and mindfulness course aids students and practitioners in establishing and relating to mindfulness and meditation practice. Each week offers psycho-edcucation in addition to practices and exercises for insight, self-awareness and self reflection. While this course is open to everybody it is also a requirement for our meditation and mindfulness certification. This course offers unlimited access and streaming to course content including video lectures and workbooks. For those on there certification path an assignment is required for credits.

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