BEology Mindfulness Based Wellness

We are committed to empowering others to become more engaged in their lives through education, self-discovery and experience. We combine yoga philosophy, mindfulness, psycho-education, and self-reflection in order to encourage a compassionate curiosity about who we are and what else might be possible. With great courage, integrity and love we embrace our responsibility to co-create a world where each of us, our communities, and our planet can thrive.

Why BEology mindfulness based wellness?

We have become a culture of human ‘doings’ versus human ‘beings’. As a society we have started ‘shoulding’ all over ourselves and everybody around us. Most days are filled with to-do lists, stress and expectations as a result of our success driven bigger, better, faster culture. Many find themselves continuously checking boxes, and chasing goals, yet true fulfilment, and happiness seem elusive.

As a culture we are obsessed with retaining youth and extending life expectancies and yet neuroscience has confirmed we spend at-least half of our days not paying attention or completely checked out. Stress is on the rise with 50% of adults reporting moderate to high amounts of daily stress. Mental illness, addiction and poverty are rampant in many of our communities despite abundance. Only 8% of adults claim they feel their work enhances their wellness even though this is how many people define themselves, or spend the majority of their days.


Who you are BEING is also what you are becoming. BEology is a mindfulness based wellness program that focuses on BEING in relationship to the vicissitudes of life, staying in alignment with your heart and living on purpose!

 What is BEology mindfulness based wellness?


BEology is the study and practice of well-being. It is the science of inner peace and the art of engaged living.  BEology blends neuroscience, psychology, mindfulness and yoga, offering a ‘users manual’ for the human experience and tools to calibrate and navigate life circumstances. Once we understand the way our minds and bodies work (or at least a couple theories), we can upgrade our human OS from survive to thrive.

Understand how you are made; Why you think, feel and act a certain way, and; how to BE in relationship to it all.

How does BEology mindfulness based wellness work?

Our brain is hardwired with a negativity bias which is fortified through the human doing culture and trauma.The BEology tools develop self-awareness and self-compassion, increase emotional intelligence and interconnectedness, and foster an inner resource and peacefulness, which allows us to harvest more satisfaction in our moment-to-moment experiences. When we move into the “being-state” we can experience a different perspective of our lives in which we do not identify so strongly or take everything so personally. It’s not that we are trying to eliminate all stress or repress difficult experiences, rather our intention is to develop a new relationship to the these unavoidable experiences. Compassion and resilience allow us to embrace life,  becoming motivated by love versus fear (jealousy, insecurity, lack, inadequacy and unworthiness). Instead of reacting, deflecting, pushing away and numbing, we can align more with our heart and who or how we want to BE in our lives.


When we drop out of our head and its constant expectations, judgements and ‘shoulds’ we can learn to trust our guts and align with our hearts. Instead of trading our intuition for acceptance or being of victim of our habit loops, we can cultivate a more integral and engaged way of living; shifting from reactive to responsive and survive to thrive. 

BEology Mindfulness Based Wellness Projects

BEology Mindfulness Based Wellness customizes seminars, counselling, and retreats for individuals, couples, families and organizations interested in creating a culture of wellness, minimizing the effects of stress and trauma, developing self-awareness and emotional intelligence, and enhancing communication and collaboration. Our courses, seminars and retreats explain the neuroscience around mindfulness and inner peace while exploring the psychology of personality, attachment, emotional intelligence, motivation and inner criticism (the panel of assholes). We will also explore various tools from yoga and mindfulness in addition to self-reflection and self-compassion practices in order to hijack our human operating system and live a life that is in alignment with our hearts.

BEology Mindfulness Based Wellness 10-Week Online Practice Course

In this online 10-week course we unpack the science of inner peace in order that you may better understand the way the human operating system works. We also offer various theories from Psychology and neuroscinece to explain why we might behave the way we do, where suffering comes from and how mindfulness may help us be in relationship to suffering and stress. Each week we will explore different topics and learn new mindfulness practices. In addition a workbook is provided with offers journalling exercises and self-care homework. This program provides unlimited streaming access to content. Additional one on one consultations may be provided at an additional cost. Purchase Here

BEology Mindfulness Based Wellness Retreats

These weekend intensive retreats for individuals, teens, and couples focus on bridging the gap between formal mindfulness practice and our day to day lives so that we may approach our lives, relationships, and environments with increased sensitivity, compassion, curiosity and integrity. As we build an awareness of who and how we are in our relationships and lives, through compassionate curiosity we may also begin to ask what else do I want and what else might be possible. These retreats include food, accommodations, yoga classes, self-care workshops, mindfulness sessions, opportunities for self-reflection, and seminars on various wellness topics.


  • January 31, 2020 - February 2, 2020
    6:00 pm - 5:00 pm

  • January 31, 2020 - February 2, 2020
    6:00 pm - 5:00 pm

This 25 HR weekend Meditation & Mindfulness module was created for those who wish to incorperate meditation and mindfulness into their current practice both persoanlly and as a facilitator. BEology is a synthesis of self-awareness, self-compassion and self-reflection practices infusing mindfulness, psychology and life practice. We will incorporate philosophies, traditions and tools from various mindfulness (more…)

  • April 3, 2020 - April 5, 2020
    6:00 pm - 1:00 pm

  • April 3, 2020 - April 5, 2020
    6:00 pm - 1:00 pm

Join us at the luxurious Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge for a weekend of mindfulness based self-care. Discover mindfulness and self-compassion practices for melting tension, shifting the narrative around stress and reconnecting to who and how you want to BE in your life. BEology: The science of inner peace and the art BEING awake, offers practices (more…)

  • April 18, 2020 - April 19, 2020
    8:00 am - 5:00 pm

  • April 18, 2020 - April 19, 2020
    8:00 am - 5:00 pm

The human brain has evolved from a time where our ancestors had to be hyper-vigilant about the dangers they faced on a daily basis. Consequently we are hardwired for struggle, stress, negativity and FEAR. Stress manifests in the body in many ways, some positive and some negative, and quite often we store the resulting negative (more…)

BEology Manifesto

Disconnect to reconnect

Survive to Thrive

I to Us

More BEing. Less Doing

INTUITION over acceptance

More JUICE. Less Filler

More RECEIVING. Less resistance

If its not a HELL YES it’s a F$&K NO!

Get off the Wheel to Live for Real


 Highlight Reel from BEology users guide and work book for finding inner peace and living like you give a f$&k

  • Blame it on the Brain: Like mili vanili we are victims of our environment. Our brains have evolved to focus on survival and not necessarily happiness and this leaves us with a negativity bias that is conditioned by our environments to focus on danger.
  • Let’s talk about Stress Baby: Resilience 2.0. Yes, stress is devastating on our bodies. The WHO has 8 of the top 10 mortality rates as lifestyle disease with stress being the root. However, without stress we cannot grow. Current research shows how our “mind-set” can transform a breakdown into a break through. 
  • Being vs. Doing: Intimacy is about being with all of our experiences without the need to fix or change anything. We spend so much time chasing pleasure through external sources while running away from discomfort and yet fulfillment seems elusive. The faster we run the farther away we get. Understanding our emotional drive systems and how to increase pleasure tolerance through mindfulness and relaxation allows us extract more pleasure from our moment to moment experience.
  • Creating a “F*&k it” list. In our culture, we are so obsessed with goals and doing, that we fail to realize that in our quest for validation we are “should” ing all over ourselves and everybody else around us. In this conversation, we will talk inner critic, how “should happens”, why expectations are disappointments waiting to happen and how to rewire the panel of assholes in your head.
  • Composting: Turning “should” into fertilizer. Give yourself that which you are seeking through self-compassion and self-care.
  • Why self-compassion is the new self-love allowing us to BE with fear, guilt and shame and connect us to our deeper values, desires and intentions.
  • Courage and Authenticity: Excavating the heart and remembering who and how you were before you were covered in SHOULD
  • Integrity: The state of the union. Aligning your words and actions with your heart.
  • Inter-being: A famous psychologist Maslow discovered  near the end of his life that beyond a human’s need to “self-actualize” (fancy word achieving optimal potential) is the need for “self-transcendence” or to be of service to something larger that the self.  When we get to this place we are motivated by love over fear upgrading our personal philosophy from me me me me to us, we and all of humanity.


Please contact Michele Theoret for more information on corporate or one on one programs: