• BEology retreat
    August 25, 2017 - August 27, 2017
    5:00 pm

Join Michele Theoret for a weekend unplugged in nature at a beautiful retreat centre in Winfeild Alberta.

This retreat will include:

Friday evening

  • Dinner, wine, welcome discussion and set up
  • Fire ceremony—During the fire ceremony we explore the concept of making a “F*&k it” list. In our culture we are so obsessed with goals and doing, that we fail to realize that in our quest for validation we are “should” ing all over ourselves and everybody else around us. In this conversation we will talk inner critic, how “should happens”, why expectations are disappointments waiting to happen and then we BURN IT ALL. The burn allows us to reconect to who we were before society ‘shoulded’ all over us.

Saturday and Sunday

  • Delicious locally made  and ethically sourced meals by ECO Cafe (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner)
  • Sunrise guided meditation
  • Mourning Yoga practice
  • Daily conversations and workshops on Beology: The science of inner peace and the art of living like you give a f%$k with Michele Theoret.
  • Optional nature walks and stand up paddling.
  • Evening Yoga Nidra and guided relaxation
  • Fire pit sing alongs
  • Star gazing
  • Daily self care and aromatherapy rituals with Twiststed Sisters Skin Nutrition (free gift basket included)
  • Camping or cabin options ( cabins are shared accommodations up to 4 people. For camping bring your own gear for a reduced rate of $460)
  • Laughter, pleasure, conversation and enjoyment.

Investment: $500 plus gst ($460 plus gst if you are camping)