• February 21, 2020 - February 23, 2020
    6:00 pm - 5:00 pm
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The level 1 yoga nidra training will focus on facilitating deep rest and stillness through specific techniques designed to provide support and relaxation. In this weekend course we will explore many experiential practices as well as education on stress, sleep, mindfulness, neuroscience and consciousness. We will dissect and learn various Yoga Nidra scripts, guided relaxation techniques, body scanning practice, breath awareness tools and guided visualization. Additional education on yoga philosophy, goals of practice, voice, script design and yoga psychology will support the experiential practices offering prospective teachers the confidence to share yoga nidra.
What is Yoga Nidra?
Yoga Nidra is a technique designed to facilitate the relaxation necessary to explore the deepr layers the self. When the body feels safe, supported and relaxed we can navigate the various layers of emotions, thoughts, and beleif systems which shape our perception and reality. There are many different techniques however what they all share is the creation of an intention; deep hearts desire (sankalpha) and a gradual progression inwards from physical sensations through the “being” state of expansive awareness.
Why Yoga Nidra?
As we navigate the ever-increasing pace of our lives today, many of us find ourselves in a cycle of depletion and exhaustion. We move in a culture that rewards us for multitasking and encourages us to obtain value through external means. More and more we are defined by a yard stick that measures our success in units of money, body image, and power. Sadly these things are quite like eating white bread. They look delicious, even taste sensational slathered in butter … but ultimately there is nothing really in there to provide nourishment for the long haul. Yoga Nidra opens the door to another possibility; a sanctuary, a refuge, an oasis of stillness that allows us to truly rest and connect with our deeper hearts desire and possibility. Through an understanding of this practice we become aware of the patterns that shape our belief systems and unconscious habit loops (adapted ways of relating to our moment-to-moment experiences). Through awareness we find the capacity for change. In our willingness to change we create a better way to live.
Upon completion you will recieve a Yoga Nidra Certificate.This course is eligable for 25 CEU with the Yoga Alliance and 25 credit hours for Empowered Yoga 500Hr and 800Hr teacher training.
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Friday 6:30pm-9:00pm
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Suite 201, 1524 91st SW, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, T6X 1M5