Embodied Anatomy Videos

Not everybody has the time, energy and money to invest in Yoga teacher training, personal training, private lessons or continued education in order to learn about anatomy. We created this page as a resource for anybody interested in yoga anatomy. The more we understand about our body and mind; the way we move, breathe, think and feel, the more empowered we are to be proactive in our health, wellness and happiness. We hope you enjoy our  yoga anatomy videos. Please contact us if there is any specific content you would like to see us incorporate or check out our upcoming teacher trainings, courses, workshops and retreats.

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Yoga Anatomy Videos

Balanced Joint Space

Spine Anatomy

Awakening the Core

Neck Flossing

Shoulder Anatomy


Rotator Cuff

Serratus Anterior

Shoulder Checking

 Hip Anatomy



Awakening The Hip Joint Community

Psoas Love

Foot anatomy and Sole Therapy