Empowered Body with Michele Theoret

Transform the way you SHOW UP in your body and life.


IMG_0008Lasting health and vitality is a result of awareness, alignment and integrity.

Its about how you SHOW UP in your life.

What are you paying attention to?

Where are you feeding your unconscious loyalty and energy ?

Energy goes where consciousness flows and whatever you are focusing on you are growing in your body, mind and environment.

STEP TO THE EDGE. Its about how you stand on your own two feet and move forward when things get challenging.

Can you maintain integrity, staying in alignment with your heart when things get messy?

RADIATE LOVE When we let go of the expectations, shoulds, judgements and labels we can be open to receiving, co-creating with the universe, guided by our intuition and motivated by love vs fear. We can open our hearts, be courageous and really connect with those around us in a way that is authentic and compassionate. It is about feeling comfortable in your own skin, respecting and loving yourself enough to take care through movement, meditation and nourishment as opposed to forcing and sacrificing yourself to fit into societies ideals.

LET GO & FLOW. IMG_0014During flow, we become totally immersed in the moment allowing us to experience deep enjoyment, creativity, love, health and happiness. During Flow we connect with our inner compass, that directs us to our hearts desires.


IMG_0052Michele Theoret Offers

  • New Book-Empowered Body: Yoga and Mindfulness practices to transform the way you show up in your body and life. Get it here.
  • 12 week Empowered Body Lifestyle Transformations and one on one wellness coaching
  • Private and small group seminars-live and online
  • Corporate Wellness seminars
  • Health and Wellness retreats
  • Empowered Yoga 200HR, 500HR and 800HR Teacher Training and Specialty classes
  • Empowered U online classes, blog and informational videos.