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Empowered Body: Yoga & Mindfulness Practices to transform the way you show up in your body and life.

This book will empower you to become more engaged in your moment-to-moment experiences, changing the way you show up everyday in your body and life. The body speaks we are just not listening. Doing less and being more is a health secret-actually slowing down long enough to reconnect and align with the body and its infinite intelligence and possibilities. There is so much research pointing towards interoception (feeling inside yourself) mindfulness (actually being in the moment vs. mind wandering) movement and relaxation as medicine for the body, mind and spirit. This book will provide insight into the way stress effects the body and how we can use the practice of yoga including, mindful movement, breathing, meditation, self massage, reflection, embodied anatomy and interospection to change the way we exist in our bodies and lives; turning our postures to prayers and movement as medicine.


Show Up Step to the Edge Radiate Love Let Go & Flow


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Michele Theoret BSc, M.S, E-RYT 500, Wellness expert and psychotherapist in training.IMG_0052

Michele is a mother of three and the creator of Empowered Yoga and Lifestyle. Michele has been teaching and studying yoga, health, and wellness for almost 20 years. Her vision as a teacher, yoga therapist and wellness coach is to empower students through experience, movement, meditation, and education. Inspired through years of studying the human body, movement, psychology and philosophy, Michele’s vision is to help people wake up and realize their potential. She encourages students to think less and feel more, to get out of their heads and into their bodies’, aligning with their internal compass-the heart. Her teachings are about becoming empowered through movement, experience, sensation, curiosity, and acceptance as opposed to being minimized and labelled through dogmatic systems that tend to breed self-hate and disconnection. Michele offers effective lifestyle practices that combine the ancient traditions and philosophies of yoga with modern physiology, psychology, and biomechanics. She creates self-care practices that are effective and attainable for everybody though her courses, coaching programs, and teacher trainings.