Corporate Yoga

Why Corporate Yoga?

In the average 8-10hr-work day we are bombarded with so much information that stress seems unavoidable.  When faced with stressful daily life situations, the body  becomes physically, emotionally and mentally fatigued. This is when serious accidents, and illness can occur.

Empowered Yoga incorporates balance, flexibility, strength and mental focus with dynamic movement in order to enhance communication between mind and body. Many studies are starting to show the negative impact of stress on health and wellness, as well as the interconnection between our psychology (thoughts), Nervous system (tension in the body) immune system, endocrine system (hormones/emotions) and digestion. Mind-Body practices like yoga allow us to work with all of these systems in order to create lasting health and happiness. The asanas (postures) combined with the pranayama (breathing) will challenge the body while creating stillness in the mind. Whether physically challenged or relaxed, this practice works to control responses by keeping the breath consistent in whatever circumstance we find ourselves in. Breathing is something we do unconsciously all day long, however we can also consciously control the breath, learning to become aware of and control the breath allows us direct access to all of the body systems including the mind, emotions and physical reactions.

  • Start the workday off with focus and clarity in an early morning flow
  • Take a break mid day with a lunch hour flow
  • Wind down and restore the body after a hard day with an evening practice

The Power Center can customize each corporate yoga package and payment plan to fit your needs. We can work with individual and group registration. Please contact Michele to set up your corporate fitness program.