Empowered Yoga Mentorship Program

Our Empowered Yoga Mentorship program invites serious teachers of yoga interested on “specializing” in a specific area of this multi faceted practice,  to work one on one with primary facilitator, Michele Theoret. You can think of this as a masters program. We accept a very limited number of students to this program per year. This is a personalized program that requires students to choose their focal point or area of study. This is the delicate art of refinement, which will see the successful applicant performing research, writing essays, leading workshops to present this material and assisting with our Teacher Training programs.
Preference will be given to those students whom:
1. Have been teaching for a minimum of 5 years and practicing for longer
2. Have completed our 200Hr or 500Hr Program (in order to be considered for assisted teaching of our 200 Hr program you must have completed a 500HR TT)
3. Exemplify our Mantra and Vision.
Successful completion of this program can be used as 10-50 CEU’s towards our advanced teacher training.
Please contact Michele Theoret at info@getempowerednow.ca for more information