Online Courses

Online Yoga Teacher Training & Meditation Courses

Empowered online offers online yoga teacher trainings and online meditation courses for convenience, accessibility and flexibility

These Online versions will offer the same quality and versatility as our live events including:

  • Unlimited streaming form anywhere
  • Power point presentations
  • Opportunities to interact with the presenter to influence course flow
  • Additional learning resources, readings and videos

Approachable empowering teachers who meet you where you are at, encourage questions and self discovery.


Restorative Yoga Teacher Training (25 Hours)

New online version of one of our favourite 25HR Yoga Teacher Training courses. This course consists of 10 modules including live class room lectures, posture workshops and full length restorative yoga classes led by Michele Theoret. Upon completion of this program you will receive a Restorative Yoga Teacher Training Certificate. There are no prerequisites for this course. This course is worth 25CEU towards our Empowered Yoga 300HR Advanced Teacher Training Certificate




BEology 10-Week Life Practice (25 Hours)

New online version of our new BEology mindfulness based wellness course. BEology is the science of inner peace and the art of engaged living. BEology combines psychology, neuroscience and mindfulness in order to: Understand how you are made; Inquire into why you think, feel, and act the way you do, and; Learn how to BE in relationship to it all. This 10 week program is open to anybody interested in using mindfulness to enhance well-BEING and is a required module for the BEology100HR Meditation and Mindfulness Certificate.



 Online Yoga 101 Course (25 Hours)

Yoga 101 is a simplified version of our 200HR Yoga Teacher Training program. In this 25HR online yoga teacher training you will gain a deeper understanding of the various aspects of modern yoga and meditation practice. This online yoga teacher training includes online yoga classes, live lectures, PDF yoga manual and notes.


Stay Tuned we will be adding more great online Yoga & Meditation courses soon including: 25HR Online Meditation & Mindfulness Training, Yoga for Athletes, Yoga for Kids,nd more.

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