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Empowered Yoga is about becoming empowered through movement, experience, sensation, exploration, curiosity, education, self acceptance and acknowledgement as opposed to being minimized and labelled through dogmatic systems that tend to breed self hate and disconnection. There are no “correct” poses or “right” effort.



Yoga is not something you do, rather it is the  state of mind you keep in anything you do. True power comes from within. Empowered yoga sequences are not just intense physical exercise, but also a method of drawing us deeper into the innate wisdom of the body, you lose yourself, your conditioned way of living and relating with your body and the world. The mind begins to quiet down and you become fully absorbed in the moment. In the moment there is no such thing as success or failure there is just sensation and pure experience and consciousness, nothing to hold you back or to force you forward, inhibitions turn into innate wisdom and “knowing” You begin to accept your “weaknesses” as your “strengths” as they become your teacher and your guide. The body speaks we have just forgotten how to listen.

Empowered Yoga challenges the body physically in each posture (asana) allowing the practitioner to confront obstacles and barriers stored deep within their bodies (emotional  holding patterns stored in the muscles and connective tissue) and ultimately in the mind. In order to grow we must be challenged. Awareness of the breath creates a deep focus and sensitivity in each of the postures, allowing us to work with the body and not against it. It is through deep awareness of the bodily sensations that we may begin to quiet down the mind. When the mind is quiet we become calmer and clearer, we create space for new possibility. We become conscious of our actions and reactions and instead of doing the same old thing, we can choose to be better. We can begin to cultivate benevolent qualities of body and mind and starve the destructive qualities that are poisoning our mind, body and planet.

Yoga is the art of creating space, whether it is in your hamstrings, heart or mind:

Space= Possibility


Empowered Yoga offers several corporate, classes, teacher trainings and retreats. Please contact us if you are interested in setting up a yoga class, retreat or teacher training with Michele Theoret or any of our great instructors, in your office or city.

“Notice that the stiffest tree is most easily cracked, while the bamboo or willow survives by bending with the wind. “

~ Bruce Lee


Michele Theoret is available for private Empowered Body Consultations, Yoga Therapy and Empowered Yoga workshops. Contact Michele for more information info@empoweredyoga.ca