Empowered Youth Yoga & Mindfulness Training


Empowered Youth Yoga & Mindfulness Training

Empowered Yoga is teaming up early learning and education experts in order to offer an Empowered Youth training which emphasizes body awareness, emotional intelligence and mind-set techniques based in psychology, yoga and mindfulness discourse. This non-secular training will offer self-regulation and relaxation techniques which may be integrated into everyday activities. We recommend this course for early learning educators, teachers, therapists, social workers, yoga teachers or anybody interested in incorporating Yoga and mindfulness into their family and work life.

Empowered Youth Yoga & Mindfulness curriculum

This training is modular with modules available online and weekends:

  • Yoga 101(this course is waved for anybody who has taken a 200HR or equivalent yoga teacher training)
  • Empowered Kids Yoga & Mindfulness Training (Ages 12-16)
  • Empowered Teens Yoga & Mindfulness Training (Ages 6-11)
  • Empowered Littles Yoga & Mindfulness Training (ages 2-5)
  • Specialty programming

Empowered Youth Yoga & Mindfulness details


This course is intended for anybody wishing to offer yoga and mindfulness practices to youth of all ages. We also offer flexible payment plans for those who wish to take the program yet need more flexibility with the financial obligations.


You may either take each module individually or complete all four for a 100HR Youth Yoga & Mindfulness certificate. All of these modules may be used towards our 300HR and 800HR curriculum.


Upcoming Empowered Youth Modules