Holistic Counselling & Wellness Coaching with Michele Theoret

Michele Theoret

MS; MACP; ERYT-500; CYT; Mental Health Therapist

Michele is the creator and Primary facilitator of Empowered Yoga, Mindfulness and Lifestyle. Michele has been teaching and studying yoga, health, and wellness for over 20 years. Her vision as an educator, yoga teacher, mental health therapist and wellness coach is to empower individuals to become more engaged in their moment-to-moment experiences, transforming the way they show up in their bodies and life.

Inspired through years of studying the human body, movement, yoga, mindfulness, natural medicine, and psychology, Michele encourages a compassionate curiosity about who we are, how we got here and what else might be possible. Her offerings shift the narrative from self-improvement towards self-care and self-compassion; integration and wholeness over perfection—becoming empowered through education, experience, sensation, trust, curiosity, and acceptance as opposed to being minimized and labelled through dogmatic systems that tend to breed self-hate, lack and disconnection. Michele utilizes a variety of modalities including: mindfulness, somatics, cognitive therapies, and narrative techniques for excavating the heart and creating more alignment between values, goals and action. The beautiful thing about these practices is that they meet you where you are at on your journey.


Individual Counselling 

  • Teens and adults
  • Anxiety, depression, stress management, emotional regulation, complex trauma, PTSD,
  • Somatics, Mindfulness, Compassion-Focussed, Cognitive and Narrative Therapies.
  • Individual sessions $150/HR and $200/90min  plus tax. Please contact to set up appointment and discuss if/how I can best support you.
  • Sliding scale is offered for those who need financial assistance. Limited spots available.

Couples Counselling

  • Gottman and mindfulness based therapies to improve communication, navigate conflict and increase intimacy
  • Couples sessions $200/90min plus tax and $150/HR Individual sessions.I prefer to work with couples both individually and as a couple. Please contact to set up appointment and discuss if/how I can best support you.

Group Counselling

  • Mindfulness and Somatic based programs for addictions, anxiety, depression, and stress management.
  • 6-10 participants per group.
  • $500 for a 10-week session
  • Sliding scale is offered for those who need financial assistance. Limited spots available.

Wellness Coaching

  • Programs focused on creating wellness and goals setting in all aspects of life including: physical fitness, nutrition, sleep, stress management, career, and relationships.
  • Initial consultation $200/90min session
  • Follow ups $100/30min session

Corporate Wellness Consulting

  • Corporate seminars on stress management, mental health, and wellness starting at $250/HR
  • Corporate yoga, fitness and mindfulness classes starting at $100/class
  • Corporate mental health counselling for individuals and groups.

*please contact for rates

Public Speaking

  • Offering Keynotes and workshop style seminars on a variety of topics including: Mindfulness, self-compassion, stress-management and healthy relationships

I teach people to think less and feel more-to exist in the world outside of their labels, judgements and expectations so that they may live from their hearts instead of their heads, motivated by love instead of fear. When we do this we can truly be healthy and happy, we can BE well.



Its about how you show up in your life. What are you paying attention to? Where are you feeding your unconscious loyalty and energy? Energy goes where consciousness flows and whatever you are focusing on you are growing in your body, mind and environment.


Its about how you stand on your own two feet and move forward when things get challenging.
Can you maintain integrity, staying in alignment with your heart when things get messy?


When we let go of the expectations, shoulds, judgements and labels we can be open to receiving, co-creating with the universe, guided by our intuition and motivated by love vs fear. We can open our hearts, be courageous and really connect with those around us in a way that is authentic and compassionate. It is about feeling comfortable in your own skin, respecting and loving yourself enough to take care through movement, meditation and nourishment as opposed to forcing and sacrificing yourself to fit into societies ideals.


During flow, we become totally immersed in the moment connecting to our inner compass and allowing us to experience deep enjoyment, creativity, love, health and happiness. Letting go of what should be in order to become what could be.

Please contact Michele at Info@empoweredyoga.ca for availability and pricing