Meditation, Yoga Nidra and Guided Relaxation



Life can be busy, overwhelming, messy and fast sometimes (or all of the time depending on your circumstances). I made these free audio downloads to offer a little bit of a break, some relaxation and peace whenever you need it. May all beings be peaceful, healthy and free.





10 Min Guided Breath Meditation

During this short breath meditation you will be given simple instructions on posture and breath in order to become more intimate with your moment-to-moment experiences. Also know as mindfulness this connection to the moment has been shown for some (but not all) to lead to increased focus, concentration and mood while decreasing pain, anxiety and stress.


20 Min Guided Creating Space Meditation

During this 20 min guided meditation you will be given simple instructions on posture, breath and point of focus. As we begin to settle the mind and drop into the body, this may lead to increased clarity and space for insight, peace and hapiness.

20 Min Guided Compassion and Loving Kindness Mediation

During this guided meditation compassion is explained and explored through gentle observations and statements of loving kindness. Self-compassion has been shown to increase mood, self efficacy and empathy while reducing inner-criticism, anxiety, negative moods and depression. Learning to support  and strengthen the soothing affect system through loving kindness allows us to feel more contentment, peace and satisfaction just as we are, without the need to do anything.


Body Scan

This guided relaxation technique will guide you through a body scans. Body Scans help to facilitate deep relaxation by connecting us to our bodily sensations; observing and allowing instead of judging, fixing or manipulating. The body speaks we have forgotten to listen. Find a safe comfortable space and allow yourself to relax for 20 min.


Progressive Relaxation

This guided progressive relaxation technique invites you to explore the amount of tension and relaxation you carry in specific areas of the body. Self awareness can be a powerful tool in transformation, as often once we realize, or see (enlightenment means to bring light to) we are acting, behaving or doing certain things we can then consciously choose to do something different. Through consciously exploring both the sensations of tension and relaxation in the body, we become empowered to notice and manage this tension throughout the day.

Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra is a from of guided relaxation that systematically explores the various layers of experience (physical, energetic, emotional and mental). Yoga is often translated as “union” and nidra as sleep. In this 30 min guided practice the goal is to dissolve into a state of interconnectedness or oneness where the independent isolated sense of self recesses and a deeper state of  “being” may be accessed leading to deep relaxation, and peace