Meditation, Yoga Nidra and Guided Relaxation

Life can be busy, overwhelming, messy and fast sometimes (or all of the time depending on your circumstances). I made these free audio downloads to offer a little bit of a break, some relaxation and peace whenever you need it. May all beings be peaceful, healthy and free.




BEology Guided Meditation & Mindfulness

Guided BEology meditation and mindfulness audios from 5min to 20 min in length offering a variety of techniques designed to cultivate a more curious, relaxed and connected way of being with our moment-moment experiences


5 Min Guided Meditation

During this short breath focused meditation you will be given simple instructions designed to increase focus on the here and now. Focus is the precursor to many of our deeper meditation and mindfulness practices as it allows us to deliberately direct the attention to various points of interest. 

5 Min Guided Breath Meditation for Relaxation

During this short guided breath meditation you will be given simple techniques for using deep diaphramatic breathing in order to relax the body and mind.

5 Min SOBER Meditation

The SOBER Meditation is conscious consumption practice from BEology Mindfulness Based Wellness  for working with strong impulses and emotions. It is a quick and simple technique for ridding the big waves that can accompany strong impulses and intense emotions. The acronym SOBER stands for: Stop; Observe; Breath/Body; Emote; Resolve. 

5 Min Guided PEMS Check-in

The PEMS check-in is a simple check-in form BEology Mindfulness Based Wellness that invites us to be curious about where we are at and what’s showing up for us right now. You will be guided through a practice that explores physical sensations, emotions, thoughts, and social/spiritual connectedness. By allowing and giving name to each of these experiences we can become more current with what’s showing up for us and therefore have more choices and creativity in how we respond in whatever situations we encounter. Many find this practice helpful in transitioning from work to home, client to client, or throughout the many situations we may find ourselves being unconsciously hijacked by residue that is not current. 

10 Min Guided Breath Meditation

During this short breath meditation you will be given simple instructions on posture and breath in order to become more intimate with your moment-to-moment experiences. Also know as mindfulness this connection to the moment has been shown for some (but not all) to lead to increased focus, concentration and mood while decreasing pain, anxiety and stress.

10 Min Mindfulness of the Senses

This 10 min mindfulness of the senses mediation utilizes our various senses: touch, smell, sound, taste, and sight in order to create a deeper connection to our momento-tomoment experience

10 Min Working with Thoughts

During this 10min guided meditation you will be guided through a process of acknowledging/observing thoughts without getting hijacked by these thoughts. Through this process the intention is to eventually come to realize the transient and impermannt nature of thoughts in order that they become “just thoughts” versus facts and reality. 

15 Min SAIN Meditation 

During this 15min meditation you will be guided on how to use the SAIN approach from BEology Mindfulness Based Wellness towards various experiences that present in practice and life. SAIN is an “open awareness” technique which allows us to be more intimate with ourselves and eventually others. The SAIN acronym stands for: Stop; Acknowledge; Interested/Curious; Neutrality and is an actor that may be used during practice and beyond. 

20 Min Guided Creating Space Meditation

During this 20 min guided meditation you will be given simple instructions on posture, breath and point of focus. As we begin to settle the mind and drop into the body, this may lead to increased clarity and space for insight, peace and hapiness.

10 Min SOUL Self-compassion Meditation 

In this Meditation you will be guided through the SOUL meditation technique from BEology Mindfulness Based Wellness for meeting and holding space for stress, suffering and or discomfort. Self-compassion has been shown to increase mood, self efficacy and empathy while reducing inner-criticism, anxiety, negative moods and depression.

20 Min Guided Compassion, Metta and Loving Kindness Mediation

During this guided meditation compassion is explained and explored through gentle observations, metta practice, and statements of loving kindness towards self and others.  Learning to support  and strengthen the soothing affect system through loving kindness allows us to feel more contentment, peace and satisfaction just as we are, without the need to do anything.


Guided Relaxation & Yoga Nidra

These guided practices invite a deep relaxation and restoration and are often performed in a lying or reclined position. It is not un common to fall asleep or drift off as the brain waves shift and the body relaxes. Because the Brain is built with a negativity bias and high stress lifestyles may leave us more “sympathetically tuned” (fancy word for hyper-vigilant, wired-up, or primed for stress)these practices may allow us over time to down-regulate, potentially shifting our narrative from survive to thrive. 


 20 min Body Scan

This guided relaxation technique will guide you through a body scans. Body Scans help to facilitate deep relaxation by connecting us to our bodily sensations; observing and allowing instead of judging, fixing or manipulating. The body speaks we have forgotten to listen. Find a safe comfortable space and allow yourself to relax for 20 min.

10 Min Building an Inner Resource

When we have  resources and support available to us we may better cope with and adapt to stressful situations. We can be empowered in our choices to the extent that we can stay responsive to what is happening, how we are showing up, and if or how we can respond versus reacting unconsciously. This guided inner resource practice builds upon our inner resources through guided visualization and somatic experiencing. 

15 Min Progressive Relaxation

This guided progressive relaxation technique invites you to explore the amount of tension and relaxation you carry in specific areas of the body through pendiculation. Self awareness can be a powerful tool in transformation, as often once we realize, or see (enlightenment means to bring light to) we are acting, behaving or doing certain things we can then consciously choose to do something different. Through consciously exploring both the sensations of tension and relaxation in the body, we become empowered to notice and manage this tension throughout the day.

30 Min Yoga Nidra Healing & Restoring

Yoga Nidra is a from of guided relaxation that systematically explores the various layers of experience (physical, energetic, emotional and mental). Yoga is often translated as “union” and nidra as sleep. In this 30 min guided practice the goal is to dissolve into a state of interconnectedness or expansiveness where the independent isolated sense of self with its narratives and stressors recesses and a deeper state of  “being” may be accessed leading to deep relaxation, and peace.

30 min Yoga Nidra working with Emotions

In this 30 min Yoga Nidra Practice you will be gently guided through the various layers of experience from sensations, emotions, and thoughts in order to acknowledge that while these sensations may be part of our experience, they are happening in a much larger field of awareness. As we build a relationship with these experiences, becoming familiar with where and how they show up in our bodies, or how they are all linked, we can eventually build a tolerance and an intimacy with them. Instead of emotions being unconscious motivators, or something to be feared, avoided or suppressed they may become a compass which helps us navigate our inner experience. 

30 min Yoga Nidra Elemental Practice